Kunstmuseen Krefeld
Haus Lange Haus Esters, DE

Museum Without Borders Art–Design / Dunkirk–Krefeld
Bruno Peinado
Katia Baudin

Museum Without Borders. Art–Design / Dunkerque–Krefeld brings together two institutions - the Kunstmuseen Krefeld and the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art of Northern France (FRAC Grand Large - Hauts-de-France), based in Dunkerque (Dunkirk). Both aim to bring art and design closer to the public. This year, they are also celebrating 50 years of town twinning - an occasion for a special "aller-retour": works from the FRAC collection will be on display in Krefeld until the fall, followed by a return visit to Dunkirk in 2025. More than 100 works by around 65 artists and designers from the FRAC Grand Large, including many interactive, changeable works of art and experimental design, have temporarily moved into Haus Lange Haus Esters. The heart of the exhibition is the presentation in the two iconic villas and their gardens. Some of the installations have been adapted for the Mies houses by the artists themselves. Offsite projects in the urban space are also waiting to be discovered. The focus is on influential international and French positions from the 1990s to the present day, which received less attention in Krefeld at the time. The artists and designers in this group exhibition cross boundaries in an experimental way, critically question the legacy of modernism and put visitors in an active role. They ask: Where, when and how can art take place? What role do everyday life, fashions and people play in it? The French perspective of this exhibition project expands our understanding of the most important art and design developments of the present day.