Aspen Art Museum

In the House of the Trembling Eye
Alina Szapocznikow
Allison Katz

In the House of the Trembling Eye is an expansive group exhibition staged by the London-based artist Allison Katz across the entirety of the Aspen Art Museum, organized in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. Marking the Aspen Art Museum’s 45th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of its Shigeru Ban-designed building, the show brings to the fore unexpected affinities among over one hundred artworks and objects in varied styles from different epochs, celebrating the inexhaustible capacity of painting to generate new conversations across time.

Invited to bring to life an exhibition incorporating works from personal art collections in and around Aspen, Katz approaches curation and display as extensions of the act of painting itself. In the House of the Trembling Eye will present her works, both new and recent, alongside artworks by over fifty artists as well as a series of fragments of frescoes from Pompeii. With this project, Katz tackles the definitions of public and private experiences of art in a non-collecting institution. The fluidity and mixed use of spaces in ancient domestic environments, such as those found in Pompeii, seen by the artist as a precursor of the contemporary museum, become key organizational principles for the exhibition architecture.

In the House of the Trembling Eye is an exhibition staged by Allison Katz. Research and concept development by Katz and Stella Bottai, Senior Curator at Large, in curatorial dialogue with Nicola Lees, Nancy and Bob Magoon Director; Daniel Merritt, Director of Curatorial Affairs; and Simone Krug, Curator at the Aspen Art Museum. Exhibition architecture is designed by Katz with Caitlin Tobias Kenessey.